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柯式、數碼印刷 Offset & Digital Printing

Mega Factories 為客戶提供專業的平面設計、網絡媒體廣告創作到生產制作等全方位的綜合性服務,包括產品目錄、宣傳冊、環保袋、紙袋、手工禮品、包裝盒至網上宣傳廣告如Facebook & Instagram 廣告推廣等,為你呈現品牌的獨特形象。

您可以提供所需資料,包括檔案、尺寸、製作數量到 聯絡我們進行報價。

From the creative design to the production process, Mega Factories Advertising Ltd has strict monitoring and we are looking for the best quality to present for our clients. We offer the production and design of complete production chains such as catalogues, brochures,  menus, handmade gifts, packaging boxes, online advertising ( Facebook & Instagram ) and etc. Our professional team delivers the perfect advertising quality for our clients.

Please provide us with the required files, dimensions, printed quantities and other information to contact us by sending email to for quotation consultation.




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