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背幕 Backdrop / Wall-Mounted Backdrop

Mega Factories 擁有專業的噴畫製作及裝裱團隊,可以製作和安裝任何大小的Backdrop用於公司發布會,產品展銷會,週年慶典等大型會議活動。製作可選擇鋁架,蜘蛛架,木製背板搭配帆布或泡沫板來提供最符合您要求的服務。我們的專業團隊可以為您打造一個最完美的廣告展示。

您可以提供所需資料,包括物料、尺寸、安裝地點及日期到 聯絡我們進行報價。

Mega Factories Advertising Ltd has a professional inkjet production and decoration team that can produce and install any size of Backdrop for corporate conferences, product fairs, anniversary celebrations and other large-scale conferences. You can choose aluminum frames, spider frames, wooden back panels with canvas or foam board to provide the service that suits your need most. Our professional team can create the prefect advertising show for you.
You can provide the required supplies, size, date of installation and disassembly, venue and other information to contact us by sending email to for quotation consultation.




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