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展覽及活動製作 Exhibition & Event

Mega Factories Advertising Ltd對於大小不同的活動擁有豐富的經驗,我們為客人提供不同的場地佈置,比如背景、司儀、樂隊、燈光印象效果、特別道具製作等一站式專人跟進,個性化設計服務,並且配備24小時安裝團隊。我們的團隊會為您提供最需要的服務,並打造一個完美的場地。

您可以提供所需資料,包括物料、尺寸、安裝地點及日期到 聯絡我們進行報價。

Mega Factories Advertising Ltd has extensive experience in different activities, we provide clients with different venue layouts, such as backdrop, master of ceremonies, bands, lighting and sounding result, special props and other one-stop, personalized design services, and 24-hour installation team. Our team will provide you with the services you need most and create a perfect display for you.

You can provide the required supplies, size, date of installation and disassembly, venue and other information to contact us by sending email to for quotation consultation.

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