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  • I want to make a product but there are 4 different styles, do I need to place 4 separate orders?
    No, you only need to indicate 1 of each of the 4 styles.
  • If the manuscript cannot be delivered, can I place an order and get the invoice first?
    Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the customer submit the manuscript first, and then formally issue the invoice after confirming that it is correct. If you place an order and get the invoice first, you need to submit the manuscript within 5 days to confirm the order.
  • Are there any requirements for my submitted profile?
    Please provide a JPEG / TIFF file in original large size (ie 1:1), resolution 300 dpi, CMYK four colors, and please convert all text into framed text.
  • Does the foamboard die-cut have to use AI to produce the die-cut line?
    Generally, Die-cut needs AI file connection path.
  • I would like to quote, how can I do it?
    You can call, email or visit our customer service officer for inquiries.
  • Do I need to charge extra for the post-processing of the product?
    There are paid/free items for post-processing. You need to indicate in the remarks column in the order form when placing an order.
  • Is there an additional charge for drafting? How long does it usually take to produce?
    Drafting is subject to material and size quotations, please contact our customer service officer for details.
  • If there are manuscripts and orders placed today, when can I pick them up?"
    Generally, the production time for picking up the goods in Kwun Tong is about 2-3 working days (calculated after confirming the order and payment), the exact time is subject to the reply time of the colleague. If customers choose to order a large quantity of goods, they must confirm the time with our customer service officer.
  • Cut-off time?
    Our cut-off time is before 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday, and before 1:00 pm on Saturday.
  • Are there any express services?
    We provide express service, this service fee will be charged an additional $100 (for an order total amount below $200) or an additional 50% (for an order total amount of $200 or more).
  • What should I do if I need urgent service?
    Customers need to contact our customer service officer for further planning and consultation.
  • Is there any delivery service?
    We can arrange delivery for you for a reasonable fee.
  • I want to pick up the goods in Shenzhen, do I need to charge extra?
    Our company's delivery range is limited to Hong Kong.
  • What is the thickest mm of Foamboard boundary characters?
    The thickness of the Foamboard border is 10mm.
  • Ordinary foamboard, paper foamboard and PVC display board, which one is more durable? Why?
    PVC display panels are relatively rigid and durable, and will not cause blistering. They have thicknesses of 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm. Ordinary Foamboard display boards are cheaper, lighter and have a shorter service life (there may be blisters after 2 to 3 months), with thicknesses of 5mm and 10mm respectively. In general, paper foamboard is more durable than ordinary foamboard, because the front and rear cardboards block most of the air, so it is not easy to foam and can be stored for a long time.
  • Can Die-cut formboard be done accurately?
    Our company's die-cut products are cut by a die-cut machine, but generally there may be a deviation of 1 to 2mm, so our company recommends customers to reserve a bleeding space on the edge of the die-cut.
  • What is the difference between choosing a glossy or matte finish?
    Glossy canvas is brighter, brighter, reflective, and affordable, while matte canvas is non-reflective and thicker, suitable for photography or back screens.
  • Is there an installation service?
    You can call the hotline for inquiries or you can click "Installation Engineering Services" on the left side of the page to view the detailed information.
  • Is it possible to print gold/silver?
    Since gold and silver are spot colors, our company does not provide spot color printing services.
  • When is the light box maintenance period?
    The company will provide customers with a 1-year warranty period.
  • What is the customer service hotline service time?
    Service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.
  • What should I do if I find a problem?
    If there is a problem with your order, please notify us within 24 hours. You can contact our Customer Service Officer by email and phone.
  • What payment methods can I choose?
    You can choose cash, check, bank transfer.
  • What if the product is damaged?
    If the product is found to be damaged, we will replace it. We will also arrange for a replacement or refund if the delivered product is found to be wrong or not on your shopping list.
  • What if the invoice is wrong?
    If the price of the ordered product is different from that shown on the invoice, we will arrange a refund according to the price policy.
  • How to cancel my order?
    If you need to cancel your order, please contact our customer service officer immediately.
  • What does web design include?
    Web design includes making and maintaining a website, including interface design, user experience, front-end and back-end design, search engine optimization, etc. Web design is mainly divided into front-end and back-end. The front-end includes page design and layout, as well as user experience. In addition to graphic design, page layout also needs to use programming for typesetting and online. The latter section includes a series of content such as databases and backstage connections, involving a large number of programming techniques.
  • Does web design include front-end and back-end?
    Different web design requirements will vary. If you only need to create a static web page, you only need the front-end design, and if you need to perform back-end database and interaction, you must use the back-end to establish a complete transmission. The front end of the page needs to carry out a series of work such as overall style design, UI design, and front-end layout.
  • What does digital marketing include?
    With the continuous advancement of technology and information, the popularity of Internet information is getting higher and higher. More and more consumers are beginning to rely on the Internet to obtain information and choices, and digital marketing has become more and more important. There are many ways of digital marketing, the most common are SEO and SEM, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Use search engines to improve rankings, get more customer resources, and at the same time allow customers to be presented in front of customers when they search for useful information. At the same time, digital marketing can also spread information on the Internet in an all-round way through social media operations and other aspects, and tap potential customers. Digital Marketing will become more and more important at present.
  • What browsers does support? supports Internet Explorer 10 or above, Mozilla Firefox 3 or above, Chrome 10 or above, Opera 10 or above, Safari 6 or above and iPad Safari (iOS 6.0+) browsers. Please make sure HTML tables, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or above, cookies and JavaScript are enabled to use the online services provided by Please set the browser zoom ratio to 100% for the best visual effect.
  • I don't live in Hong Kong. Can I shop at
    You are welcome to order goods at You can choose to deliver to your address in Hong Kong, or to pick up the goods at the Kwun Tong office. You will arrive at the designated office hours at Jinbao Industrial Building, 189 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. Pick up at room A4 on the 11th floor.
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