展覽攤位設計及製作 Exhibition ​Equipment System

獨特的展覽攤位設計能吸引客戶的目光,如你已構思主題、佈置,畫好設計圖,我們的專業團隊能幫你搭建理想的展覽攤位造型!Exhibition Equipment Systems 會根據你的設計圖,篩選所需的組件,用心為你拼砌出安全穩固的展覽攤位。想找一站式的展覽攤位設計及製作?我們亦有設計師為你構思最適合你的設計,善用每一吋空間,令你的攤位成為全場焦點。

A unique booth design attracts customers' attention, If you have conceived the theme, layout and design, our team can help you to build your ideal exhibition booth! Exhibition Equipment Systems will pick up the required components according to your design, and build a safe and remarkable exhibition booth for you. If you are looking for someone to design the booth, we also have designers to create user-friendly design, make good use of every inch of space, and gain the focus of audience.

請聯絡我們以便提供報價,email : info@megafactories.com.hk 或致電 3583 1492